Future-proofing your wedding memories…

Have you ever wondered what you should do with your wedding images if the only thing you have your images on are a usb or an online gallery?

Why am I writing this you might ask? My own parents don’t even have a handful of photographs from their own wedding day, modern wedding photography often provides you with hundreds of memories so it will be really important to you if not now, but for sure in time to come that you have done what you can to keep those memories fresh of one of your best days!

Ultimately, images aren’t really intended to be stored on usb’s. If you’re reading this and you have already had your wedding shot and given to you on usb or by means of an online gallery, or when you receive your wedding images, the first thing you really should be thinking of is to make backup copies of your images, and don’t be afraid to make as many backups as you possibly could, hard drives, usb’s even cloud accounts like google drive will give you the best chance you have of not holding onto your files.

Remember VHS tape? or even DVD? Both of these mediums are pretty much rarely used if not even obsolete in this day in age, like these it is in the very near future that usb will be a rarely used medium of storage and before long you will find it impossible to find a computer that will even have a port to read usb anymore.

Print, in form of prints or a wedding album is inevitably the best way to preserve your memories into the future.

What you can do?

If you choose an album package or not I can’t stress enough to backup & future-proof your files so your memories can live long for yourselves and future generations.  If you need help or advice on future proofing or backing up your files drop me a mail at info@edwardreidphotography.com

My advice is to check availability before you secure your wedding date with your venue to get your preferred suppliers.