Life Changes... Sometimes so do your plans...

For whatever reason you need to change your plans, I am happy to transfer your service agreement over to your new date (subject to availability).  Please put the requested information regarding your initial booking and the changes to it into the form below.  Please note all previously agreed terms of service agreement remain the same unless otherwise agreed in writing.  Changes to your initial contract will be made by email to confirm that the new changes have been applied.  Please don’t assume the changes have been made without receiving confirmation.

I have added a form below to make it easier for me to separate couples wishing to postpone weddings from general enquiries so I can ensure this is carried out as smoothly as possible for everyone involved.  PLEASE ONLY USE THIS FORM FOR DATES THAT YOU ARE SURE YOU WISH TO TRANSFER YOUR CONTRACT TO YOUR NEW DATE.  ONCE YOUR CONTRACT IS CONFIRMED TO BE TRANSFERRED TO YOUR NEW DATE, YOUR PREVIOUS DATE WILL BE RELEASED AGAIN TO POTENTIAL NEW BOOKINGS.  CONTRACT CHANGES WILL ONLY BE CONFIRMED BY EMAIL.

My advice is to check availability before you secure your wedding date with your venue to get your preferred suppliers.