Growing up I knew Sheilann’s family, and when I met Sheilann & Arnaud and they asked to book me for their wedding I was chuffed, I love getting local weddings!  The morning of their big day started at the Mulranny Park Hotel where sheilann was having the final touches expertly applied by the amazing Lisa Ralph, I often team up with Lisa on wedding days.  There are a few select makeup artists around that are exceptional at their job and Lisa Ralph is one of them.  Sheilann had a great bunch of girls around her on the morning of her wedding, great fun and you could really see they were all the best of mates, I suppose it makes sense as to why they were bridesmaids!  I was joined up with Dave from All West Videos, another supplier that works seamlessly on a wedding, and is a great guy especially if you are looking for a videographer that won’t interfere, Dave is certainly one of them!

I made my way to the grand church of St Patrick in Newport and could hear the banter amongst Arnaud and his best men all but one made the big trip from france!  This was yet again another ceremony with the ever witty Fr Charlie as he is know locally.  This man always adds a little craic aswell as keeping it lighthearted making a great ceremony with anyone that might be a little nervy.  Fr Charlie even recited some phrases in Arnaud’s native tongue, adding that personal touch.  Newport church is local to me and is actually one of the bigger churches I have come across, the grand alter makes for a beautiful backdrop with the famous stained glass windows by Harry Clarke looking over the congregation.

This day wasn’t much different from a lot of others this summer, Rain was a big feature!  When we got to our chosen location for bridal party portraits, it lashed it down, to say the least.  Being optimistic, I asked Sheilann & Arnaud if they wanted to wait it out for a few minutes to see if it would clear, from our pre wedding meeting I knew Sheilann wouldn’t let the opportunity pass, we waited about 15 minutes or so and low and behold we got a window of about 15 minutes to get the job done!

We could then jump in the car and make our way to the beautiful Mulranny Park Hotel where the happy couple relaxed and mingled until the bell rang for the meal.  Speeches were some craic, and I think you will see from the expressions, lots of laughs and beautiful stories with happy memories of Sheilann’s beloved dad that passed away recently.  The first dance started with great energy, and that continued until I left, and I assume for quite a while after!

Congratulations Sheilann & Arnaud, It was my pleasure…