Marian & Noels november wedding took place in the quiet Mayo village of Ballycroy.  I arrived at in Belmullet for the preps of the day and was greeted by the staff of Beautified in Belmullet town!  The girls just done their thing in a timely but exceptionally delicately applied manner!  I love to be able to collect memories during the day without any heed taken and it was made easy in this place.  The girls got their hair beautifully styled by Milano Hair based at the Broadhaven Bay Hotel in Belmullet.


When I arrived at Marians home house it was a buzz with the usual mum making sure the place was spic n span and the endless offers of tea or coffee, all over the house I kept stumbling upon beautiful bespoke items and decor that were laid on by Marians sister in law Barbara of London based Flutter by Flowers.  Barbara done an exceptional job of the church too, really set the scene!




When I arrived at the church in Ballycroy I found the usual commotion with buttonholes being secured and the lads nervously welcoming the guests!  A few quick shots with Noel & his best men and before we knew it Marian was hot on our heels!  The dapper looking lads were decked out by Oliver’s Menswear in Ballina.  I was joined at the church by Mike Gallagher on video and the soothing sounds of Sinead Ni Gabhann filled the air in the church before, during and after the nuptials.



I find it always makes a ceremony when you have a priest that is, well, human!…  These guys really made the ceremony from start to finish, nothing like a sneaky light hearted joke from the priest to calm everyones nerves, it always makes the expressions available during the ceremony a whole lot better too from a photographers point of view.




I love to be able to photograph quite a lot of guests at weddings as well as the bridal party and the happy couple, it is the best way that I can let people relive moments that are so quickly forgotten, these are generally done at times of the day that formal photos don’t apply anyway.  I am a lot more comfortable catching stuff happening naturally throughout a wedding day than keeping everything formal, of course family photos are essential in most people’s ideas but I usually keep them to a minimum and photograph people when they are relaxed and enjoying the wedding.



We quickly nipped to the boardwalk in Ballycroy for a few location portraits and a couple of hot ones!  Of course I didn’t partake, they were offered but “you don’t wanna see me dance”! 😉  We made our way to the great Broadhaven Bay Hotel and got another few portraits and then everyone enjoyed drinks reception until the bell was rung for meal sitting!




I love to photograph speeches, you will see why in the images below.  Noels best man was a hoot, fits of giggles and old time stories always make for very memorable photos.  You can really see how everyone really enjoyed this wedding, I can’t even remember what was said but you can nearly imagine in some of the shots!

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Earlier in the day on location it was absolutely freezing, bitter cold wind, but after the meal it was completely calm and had even warmed up, A little! 😉  We quickly created a collection of night shots outside the hotel and within less than 5 minutes had them back into the wedding to dance the night away to the sounds of Simon Casey and his band.  Marian since told me her band was amazing and kept the large dance floor filled from start to finish.  Following Simon and Co were late night tunes provided by local dj’s Sound Waves Entertainment.
marian-noel-blog-6 marian-noel-blog-8 marian-noel-blog-9 marian-noel-blog-10

Marian and Noel asked me to offer a special mention of thanks to everyone that made their wedding day as special as it was for them.

A list of the suppliers:

Photography: Edward Reid Photography

Dress/veil/headpiece : Marian’s of Boyle Roscommon

Shoes: Rainbow Club Collection in galway.

Jewellery: Eddie Egan’s Jewellers Castlebar.

Video- Mike Gallagher

Church decor/ house decor/ bridal party flowers and buttonholes: Barbara Ginty/ flutter by flowers based in London.

Make up: Beautified Beauty Salon Belmullet

Bridal hair- Milano Hair Salon Belmullet, in the Broadhaven bay hotel.

Church music- Sinead ni Gabhann

Band- Simon Casey

DJ-  sound waves entertainment

Cake: ‘lovely natural cakes’ Stephanie fallon

Reception: the Broadhaven bay hotel.

Post box/candy ferris wheel hire from my wedding store Sligo

Men’s suits- Olivier’s menswear Ballina

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