On the day of a wedding, I usually start the day with a hot shower, a big bowl of high protein granola and multiple hugs and kisses from our two little ones!  And this day was no different, its always a great start to a day, and oh yes, this was a great day!  I sat in the car and took the 51km spin through mist and what turned into heavy rain!  I hate rain!  I got to Alma’s house where I was warmly welcomed by absolutely everyone there, Hair & Makeup was almost complete and was being delicately styled and applied by the very talented Ashling Cunnigham of Glo Beauty Clinic, with hair by bubbly Denise McGoldrick from El Pelo Designs Hair Salon & Ciara Moran of Capelli Hair.  There was the usual buzz of numberplates & ribbons being attached to the cars, with renditions of the Saw Doctors “The Green & Red of Mayo” from a very proud mayo bride to be!  😉


The music didn’t stop there!  When I arrived at the church in Charlestown, little hairs stood on the back of my neck to the gentle sounds of the church musicians who were soothing the guests in wait of the beautiful bride.  Throughout the entire ceremony the music, vocals and instrumentals were goosebump raisingly aired by the amazing Eoin O’ Donnell & Cliona Henry.  When I took the corner in the church door, it almost took my breath when I seen the way the aisle was decorated by the creative Kat from Kats Flowers, I just knew I would be setup to take some beautiful images post ceremony, or match I should say, as Alma sent me one of their GAA ticket style invites that were created by Ribbons & Bows!


I was delighted to see little darragh was able to join the celebrations for their walk down the aisle, I love to be able to capture kids naturally through a wedding, you can see the innocence and mischief that so often shines through.  I really love to be able to show every couple what happened at their wedding aswell as creating creative images of the happy couple, I captured some of the guests that really did seem like they were having the time of their lives, they certainly made it easy for me anyway!  After a few minutes, I popped back into the church to get setup for family formals, when well wishes were finished outside we got the formals done and hit the road for sligo!  Just before we did, I wanted to make the most of Kats creations in the church, popped a few nicely lit, lightly posed shots and jumped in the car!  With the drive ahead, we made the decision to drive straight to the hotel, which happened to be the very classy Radisson Blu Hotel & Spa in Sligo, It was my first time at the hotel, but I checked online leading up to the wedding to see if it was going to be possible to make the most of the venue for a portrait shoot, I knew exactly what I wanted to do and so was comfortable without stopping at a location for photos.


When we got back to the hotel, I headed for the banquet hall, that was so well laid out, credit where credit is due, the radisson is well up there when it comes to setting the mood in the room!  This was probably enhanced by uplighting, I think this was provided by the hotel, but I do know you can hire a service like this and it really does make a difference, especially in a room that might be a little darker!  But if you know my work, you probably know that I kinda love the dark! 😉  I also stumbled upon the wedding cake, I have had the pleasure of photographing cakes for Ivory Wedding Cakes a bit lately, they always look so really well.  We quickly but carefully captured some beautiful dreamy shots and then I nipped out to the drinks reception to so Alma & Shane could have lots of real memories of their family and guests enjoying their wedding day.


Speeches!  If you were at the wedding, you will probably remember why shane has the tight eyed expression on his face, if you weren’t, I’ll leave you thinking!  I love to capture the expressions and emotions that can come with speeches, and let me tell you, there were lots of opportunities!  After the meal, we popped out the back and down the steps of the hotel and created some lasting memories using the iconic ben bulben as a backdrop!  I got back in, setup for the first few dances and made more really fun images, backed to amazing music by the Curly Bobs Wedding Band, these guys know how to fill the floor!


Alma got her dress from Dinagh Modes Bridal Boutique and wedding video provided by Chris from Simply Stylish.

You can probably see, I love what I do, and more than anything when it’s two people with such a connection that a blind man could see, I always feel totally honoured to be allowed to be present!

Wedding days are great, they should be enjoyed, but most of all they should be remembered!